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Arrival information

Please let us know the details of your arrival to the closest airport so we can track your flight, as well how you will be arriving to Santa Barbara so we can make sure to assist you in reaching your host family or arriving to your apartment, house, cottage or studio.



For students requesting deposits sent back to their countries, please fill this form. It costs $45 to send via international wire. Deposits are returned by check which can be cashed for free at the bank of origin regardless if students have a bank account in the US or not.



Please let us know how your experience was living in a Coral Group housing location or with a Coral Group host family. We value your experience and appreciate any feedback that will help us improve our services.


Pay rent by Credit card or atm with rentmoola

To pay by credit card or ATM card each month, sign up with Rentmoola, find your property name, get approved by Coral Group, and either set up automatic payments, or pay each month with one quick entry. Their fees are either 2.75% by credit card or $3.99 for ATM, or if you have an American bank account, you can pay for FREE!


Pay rent by Money Transfer with TRANSFERWISE

To pay by international money transfer, please use the bank information from your invoice to pay through TRANSFERWISE.  You will be able to see how much fees are depending on your currency. Please note USA does not use IBAN numbers, instead uses a SWIFT CODE. 


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