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Housing for international students in Santa barbara

- Spring 2016
~ Fall 2016

~ 5.5 months 
~ 10.5 months 
~ 12 months
(805) 637-1741 or email for more details. Looking forward to assisting you to our downtown Santa Barbara properties and awesome local host families soon! Cheers! Join un on Facebook!

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Welcome to the Coral Group in Santa Barbara, California. We strive to provide high quality, comfortable, safe and central housing opportunities in Santa Barbara for international students arriving to different language schools in our city. We also provide opportunities to live with host families located within 10 miles of downtown Santa Barbara. Our services include experiences that will make living in our city convenient, opportunities to engage with local people, as well as opportunities to be part of the Santa Barbara city life. We encourage all students to follow the dreams that brought them to Santa Barbara and we do the best we can to assist them in reaching their goals.